Friday, November 14, 2014

Cover art - "Fletcher" by David Horscroft

Joey Hi-Fi’s book covers send me in compulsive behavior (I exaggerate a bit since things are not that extreme and I draw only enjoyment out of his artwork, although this point of view might be consider entirely subjective and could end up being argued). Anyway, ever since I laid my eyes on Joey Hi-Fi’s art for the first time I was fascinated by his style and the depth of his works. Each one seems to hold secrets beyond the first viewing, every time I return to what seems to be a familiar art piece I discover new elements and aspects that escaped my initial experience with the artwork in question. And if such an artwork adorns a book cover my curiosity for that particular book is triggered instantly. I am perfectly aware that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and from most of my previous incidents with the statement in question its truth was proved on countless of times, in both ways. But that doesn’t mean it is not a good starting point for gathering information about a new book or an unfamiliar writer, as good as any other. It happened to me again with the latest of Joey Hi-Fi’s book covers, this one for David Horscroft’s novel “Fletcher”, released by the South African publisher Fox & Raven Publishing. Nothing new when it comes to the artwork, it brought me excitement and made me as curious as a cat about David Horscroft’s “Fletcher”. So, I’ve started digging further and that led me to quite a couple of interesting and intriguing things. Enough not to let David Horscroft’s “Fletcher” pass me with only Joey Hi-Fi’s cover artwork noticed at this novel.

“I once watched K Fletcher devour a hostage, just to outlast a police siege. She—the hostage—lived through it all, right until K started on her lungs. Several officers resigned that day. Two killed themselves within the week.
Ruthless, destructively impulsive, infuriatingly resourceful, manipulative to the extreme and insanely dangerous when bored, K Fletcher is not what I would call ‘human’. Rather, it’s a murderous force of nature, lurking behind the person-mask of an alcoholic, drug-infused private detective. With the world falling apart at the seams, I guess that’s exactly what you need to be to survive.”
– Secret Service briefing, speaker classified.

What people are saying about Fletcher

"This charming killer is nearly indestructible, and goes where even demons would hesitate to tread - a blood-drenched, death-defying thriller."
- Nerine Dorman

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