Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three new novels by Alison Littlewood coming from Jo Fletcher Books

Jo Fletcher Books has become a force to be reckoned with, they released some excellent titles since being established in 2011. One of my favorite authors published by Jo Fletcher Books is Alison Littlewood. I was in love with Alison Littlewood’s short stories before I had the chance to read her debut novel, “A Cold Season”, but since then my appreciation for her works only grew. Not only “A Cold Season” is a haunting and gripping story, but “Path of Needles” (still waiting for a proper review from my part) stepped the game up, bringing on the table two excellent main characters, Cate Corbin and Alice Hyland, caught in resolving a series of murders connected gruesomely to the old fairy tales, while “The Unquiet House”, still waiting peacefully on my reading table, looks like nothing inferior to Alison Littlewood’s works I’ve already read. Jo Fletcher Books holds the author in high esteem too, they concluded a deal for the publishing of three new novels by Alison Littlewood, the first, coming in September, “A Cold Silence”, being the sequel of the excellent “A Cold Season”.

What do you want? Whatever your wish, Acheron can grant it . . . for a price. And Ben Cassidy is about to discover just how scary that price can be. Ben’s always had strict instructions from his mother, Cass, to stay away from his childhood home of Darnshaw. Then an old friend from the village dies unexpectedly and Ben has no choice but to break his promise, for Jessica’s death might be linked to the computer game called Acheron – a game he knows all about.

Ben’s beloved sister Gaila has been playing Acheron too, and so have some more of Ben’s old friends from Darnshaw. And as they delve ever deeper into the world of Acheron, good intentions begin to slip, morals begin to look suspect and some of them find themselves falling deeper into corruption. Ben could save them all, but the price for doing so might just be too high . . .

I enthusiastically share the excitement of Jo Fletcher, the mastermind behind the imprint: “I’m thrilled to be able to continue working with Alison, who was not just one of my earliest acquisitions for JFB, but my first bestseller. I’m even more excited that the first book is A Cold Silence, the long-awaited sequel to her Richard & Judy Book Club pick A Cold Season – what could be better?”

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