Monday, March 16, 2015

Crowdfunding campaign - "Castles in Spain"

Following the recently released anthology of Spanish steampunk, “The Best of Spanish Steampunk” edited and translated by Marian and James Womack, another collection of Spanish speculative fiction is preparing to hit the market. International speculative fiction began to make a serious push towards the wider English market and “Castles in Spain” is another title taking a step into this direction. Spain has some very talented and excellent genre writers and nowadays they have an excellent opportunity to gather more awareness for their works. “Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Science Fiction” and “The Best of Spanish Steampunk” opened the road and the upcoming “Castles in Spain” follows close by. Started as a crowdfunding campaign for this bilingual anthology “Castles in Spain/Castillos en el aire” is already a sure thing. Although, with four days left on this campaign, it still needs a little over 200 USD for its successful funding Mariano Villarreal and Sue Burke, the people behind this wonderful project, managed to acquire additional financing and they have enough at the moment to publish seven stories within the collection. Of course, “Castles in Spain” works hard to fund the publication of further three stories and we have a list of the ten stories that Mariano Villarreal and Sue Burke try to translate and publish. It is a bit unclear from the crowdfunding page of this project which of the ten stories listed would be published in case that only seven of them will fit the funded stretch goals, but I am keeping my fingers crossed to see all them in “Castles in Spain”. After all, the list of authors is truly impressive, all of them with exceptional writing careers to prove that. Wherever “Castles in Spain” will include seven or ten short stories, or something in between, the anthology is scheduled to be released on December, while in 2016 Mariano Villarreal and Sue Burke hope to bring us two more similar collections. Again, I am keeping my fingers crossed for all these projects and I am keeping my hopes high that we would also see in the immediate future other anthologies and novels from Spain translated and published into English. And not only from Spain.

“The Star” (La estrella) by Elia Barceló
“The Flock” (El rebaño) by César Mallorquí
“The Ice Forest” (El bosque de hielo) by Juan Miguel Aguilera
“My Wife, My Daughter” (Mi esposa, mi hija) by Domingo Santos
“God’s Messenger” (Mensajero de dios) by Rodolfo Martínez
“In the Martian Forges” (En las fraguas marcianas) by León Arsenal
“The Marble in the Palm Tree” (La canica en la palmera) by Rafael Marín
“The Albatross Ship” (La nave de los albatros) by Félix J. Palma
“The Sword of Fire” (La espada de fuego) by Javier Negrete
“Victim and Executioner” (Víctima y verdugo) by Eduardo Vazquerizo

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