Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Undertow Publications' 2016 subscription

I admire greatly the work, dedication and innovation put together by small, independent book publishers. I learned over time that more often than not such publishers take me outside my safety zone, push me towards the discovery of new, engaging fiction and talented writers. Undertow Publications is one such small press, with quite an impressive body of work that it’s not easy to ignore. Publishing and supporting mostly weird, short fiction Undertow Publications started with the “Shadows & Tall Trees” magazine that saw the appearance of 6 issues, followed with “Year’s Best Weird Fiction”, which will see its third volume published this year, and anthologies or author collections of short stories such as “Aickman’s Heirs”, edited by Simon Strantzas, and V.H. Leslie’s “Skein and Bone”. This year Undertow Publications plans to add 4 more books to its catalogue, the already mentioned “Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 3”, coming on October, and three collections of short stories, Eric Schaller’s “Meet Me in the Middle of the Air” (scheduled for February), Sunny Moraine’s “Singing With all My Skin and Bone” (due to be released on June) and D.P. Watt’s “Almost Insentient, Almost Divine” (published on July). I must admit that I already own most of Undertow Publications’ back catalogue, with the majority of them being read, and that the future releases are very tempting for me. They are even more appealing when taking into consideration the subscription offered by Undertow Publications, pre-ordering all the 4 trade editions of these books comes with a 25% discount and that means 69$ for all the 4 volumes and the shipping, worldwide, is included. If you are interested or want to take a further look at this offer you can find all the details on the Undertow Publications’ website.

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