Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy 30th Appearance to Shimmer Magazine!

One of my favorite magazines, Shimmer, celebrates its 30th appearance this month. Although I am more of a secret admirer rather than an active supporter of this wonderful magazine, meaning that some time ago I’ve set myself as goal reading and reviewing all of its issues only for different things to come bumping in and preventing the achievement of this resolution, I still find comfort and excellent reading material with each issue of Shimmer and I’m trying to affirm that however I can. Therefore, I would not render the said goal absolute yet, I just need to work with me more in reaching it. If I am successful or not with my resolution remains to be seen, but I still would very much like to wish Shimmer Magazine a happy 30th appearance and may it reach 300 such events in the years to come!

The 30th issue contains the following stories:

“Red Mask” by Jessica May Lin (already available online)
“Blackpool” by Sarah Brooks (available online on March, 15th)
“Indigo Blue” by Rachael K. Jones (available online on March, 29th)
“All the Red Apples Have Withered to Gray” by Gwendolyn Kiste (available online on April, 12th)

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Arrgh said...

"Shimmer aspires to publish excellent fiction across lines of race, income, nationality, ethnicity, gender, "

And yet they're all female...