Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Reading Goals

I hope that your holidays were wonderful and I hope that the new year started very well already. For me this year started lazily and to my shame I didn’t read anything yet (I just got back home). But I already begin to enter in the rhythm and all the schedule will fall into place. And speaking of the year ahead I would like share with you an objective I try to achieve this year and a few reads I’m really looking forward to in 2009.

First, I am not a fast reader and my readings in a year are around 50 books. I have a pretty busy schedule at work and mainly because of this schedule my reading time is reduced. Still I will like to try this year to read more books than the usual average. I will set a mark of 100 books, but as I said due to the busy working schedule it might not be achieved, but 60 or a anything over 60 books will be good.

Second, for the readings I am eagerly looking forward in 2009 here is a preliminary list, because I am certain that a few more interesting releases will come along in the year to come:
Joe Abercrombie – “Best Served Cold”
Kevin J. Anderson – “The Edge of the World”
R. Scott Bakker – “The Judging Eye”
Peter V. Brett – “The Desert Spear”
M.F.W. Curran – “The Horde of Mhorrer”
Neil Gaiman & Al Sarrantonio – “Stories”
Bill Hussey – “The Absence”
Jasper Kent – “Twelve”
Tim Lebbon – “The Island”
Thomas Ligotti – “MY Work is Not Yet Done”
George R.R. Martin – “A Dance with Dragons”
David Moody – “Hater”
Mark C. Newton – “Nights of Villjamur”
Patrick Rothfuss – “The Wise Man Fear”
Brian Ruckley – “Fall of Thanes”
Brandon Sanderson – “Warbreaker”
Conrad Williams – “One”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón – “The Angel’s Game”

And also I want to start working on my Pile O’ Shame and finally to start reading the following series:
“The Dark Tower” – Stephen King
“Malazan Empire” – Steven Erikson
“Gentleman Bastards Sequence” – Scott Lynch

I hope to achieve as much as I can and I hope that all of you will have a rewarding year and your own goals will be achieved.


Adele said...

ok, by what measure is 50 not many? I know that book bloggers are readers, but many of my friends read about a book a month and I am the odd one. Looking forward to my first full year as part of the online blogging community.

Harry Markov said...

You can do it Mihai. I aim for 90, because I have the youthful enthusiasm, but halfway is very good too. Hah!

And I do like your list of novels. I will definitely attempt to wrap up the 2008 remains, which are not exactly published then.

Mihai A. said...

Adele, 50 is not a bad number, but I'll try more for my own pleasure :) I would certainly like to read more books. And you are lucky, I have some friends that read 1 book per year ;)

Harry, if I manage 50 this year too I'll be happy anyway. And my list includes some 2008 releases as well :)

Barbara Martin said...

I still have books to read that I bought three years ago. Each of the books in the Robert Jordan series 'The Wheel of Time' take me a month or more to read, and I'm only part way through book 7.

The book reviews I have been requested to write take precedence over my own reading, though I am looking forward to reading more this year.

ediFanoB said...

My goal for this year is also to read 50 books.
But what does this mean?
It makes a big difference whether your 50 books with 300 pages per book or 50 books with 600 pages per book.

I got all 8 available books of MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN and the 2 available books of MALAZAN EMPIRE. That means 10 books with around 9800 pages !!
That means an average of 980 pages per book.
9800 pages divided by 600 pages = 16.3 books
9800 pages divided by 300 pages = 32.5

And beside this books have different formats.

And one thing more. I read most of my books in English which is not my native language.

So in the end the number of books is a good figure for shops like amazon.

Therefore I would like to make a proposal.
Mihai, would you be so kind as to make a blog entry at beginning of 2010 where we can exchange following figures:

How many books did you read in which languages and number of pages

Mihai A. said...

Barbara, you are right. Some books take longer than others and those for reviews come first. But to my luck the review copies match my taste in general :)

Michael, it is true that for us the English books take longer to read, being the second language. Like I said my number (100) is for my own pleasure, if I'll not make it that's not much of a problem. And you are right with the Malazan books and not only those.
As for your proposition, I'll be glad to do it so, we will talk in 2010 :D