Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the mailbox

The end of the 2008 and the beginning of 2009 didn’t let my mailbox go dry, to my great delight. So, I’ve noticed that my library is growing steadily and constantly and I’ve also noticed that my personal catalogue isn’t update since two years now (Larry's article made me notice this as well). I am thinking that the time has come for me to rearrange my library (although the space on my shelves seems to reach its limits) and updating my catalogue, but I have to take from my reading time and therefore I am undecided yet.

- "Plague Year" by Jeff Carlson (through the courtesy of Jeff Carlson);
- "Plague War" by Jeff Carlson (through the courtesy of Jeff Carlson);
- "Beware" by Richard Laymon (through the courtesy of Leisure Books);
- "The Reach" by Nate Kenyon (through the courtesy of Leisure Books);
- "The Condemned" by David Jack Bell (through the courtesy of David Jack Bell);
- "Eternal Vigilance" by Gabrielle S. Faust (through the courtesy of Immanion Press);
- "Vampires in Vegas" by R.A. Lura (through the courtesy of R.A. Lura and Raular Publishing).

Thank you all very much for these wonderful books!


Adele said...

awesome book haul. I need to sort my books out at some point, I gave away a huge number of books when we moved but everything just got thrown on the shelves (or in corners where husband wouldn't notice i have too many).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's got a lot of reading to do! :-) Nice selection there, Mihai. :-)

Anonymous said...

offf...Laymon...Carlson the english version. You are a the wealthiest wolf alive :D. I envy you a little, but don`t worry i won`t steal from you:P
And by the way i am close to finish with the translation of the first Carlson and it was a hell of a ride. One of the best novels that i read ever, i guess.

Barbara Martin said...

After a few reviews of books I already had, I am now being approached by book marketing companies to review new books. I noticed, Mihai, that you are never short of books to read. Do you make your review choices by when the book arrives, its publication date or on personal choice?

Mihai A. said...

Adele, I tend to put them on shelves at random lately and because of this I run out of space :)

Thank you Dave. I have to sort my pile of reading too because I am a little behind with the review copies :)

Bogdan, great to hear that the translation goes well :) And I am looking forward to these two because Jeff was such a nice guy and I heard a lot about his books ;)

Barbara, I am very happy for you :)
In most of my time I go with my personal choices. But if I receive an ARC I try to read and review it before its publishing date :)