Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the mailbox

Here are some new books I received recently with my thanks for the nice people who sent them to me:

- "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson (through the courtesy of Atlantic Books);
- "Witch Hunt" by Margit Sandemo (through the courtesy of Tagman Press);
- "Depths of Darkness" by Margit Sandemo (through the courtesy of Tagman Press);
- "Aríel’s Journey" by Doug Kane and Christy Wood (through the courtesy of Tyler Abbot from Cadence Marketing Group and Blue Ink Press);
- "Erikk the Giant" by Omar Abedin (through the courtesy of Omar Abedin).

Thank you very much.


Fantasy Art and Portraits said...

Don't know if you remember me, but around October 2008 I contacted you regarding a link exchange with my site, Fantasy Art and Portraits.

I've been working on a blog since then as well, and this post about publishers who send you stuff seems an excellent opportunity to add a link to your blog on mine (also on Blogger). I hope you don't mind.


Dark Wolf said...

Sure I remember, Simon :) Thank you and I put yours on my blogroll too ;)

kyodnb said...

nice goodies...i saw a lot of people talking about Stephenson and Anathem ...

and the last one it`s a comic book?:D

Dark Wolf said...

I'm curious too about "Anathem" (although it is massive :)).
The last one is not a comic book, but it has some drawings ;)

Skandalouz said...

Looking forward to your review on Anathem. I'm curious...

Dark Wolf said...

I think I will read it at the beginning of the next year :)

Omar Abedin said...

First of all, thanks for putting Erikk the Giant in your inbox - very exciting to see it, as an author.
I just saw the question re: the cover design of Erikk, and thought I would explain... it was meant to help readers to visualize the protagonists, so that we are all on the same page (literally & metaphorically) as we go through the journey toghether... you can see the other pictures inside & download them at www.erikkthegiant.com. Warm regards

Dark Wolf said...

Omar, it is nothing. And thank you very much for the explanations :)