Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Dark Wolf's Awards - Characters

Best female character: Sarah Mary Williams, Temple (“The Reapers Are the Angels” by Alden Bell) – More mature than her age, Temple tries to find a path to redeem herself with events of her past. Although she travels on a haunting landscape Temple finds beauty in it nonetheless. I was attached to Temple with ease and her strong character is a memorable one.

Best male character: Cass Jones (“A Matter of Blood” by Sarah Pinborough) – Haunted by the past, disturbed by the present and deeply flawed Cass Jones is one of the most human characters I encountered in my readings. His behavior is not an example to follow some times, but after all that is what makes us human and therefore Cass Jones is a character that enters in my personal favorites hall of fame.

Most fun character: Thanquol (“Grey Seer” by C.L. Werner) – His devious machinations and plotting turn out to be very entertaining things to follow and although, after all, Thanquol is a pestilence I would love to see him in other adventures too.


Jamie Gibbs said...

I agree about Temple being up there. Her character was very well written, and it's now got me into post apocalyptic fiction too :)

Mihai A. said...

I love post-apocalyptic fiction and "The Reapers Are the Angels" is a great title. Temple is an excellent character too :)