Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Dark Wolf's Awards - Cover art

1. Marc Simonetti“Lamentation” by Ken Scholes (Bragelonne)

2. Frédéric Perrin“Tyrant’s Blood” by Fiona McIntosh (Bragelonne)

3. Raymond Swanland“Legends of the Raven” by James Barclay (Pyr)

4. Didier Graffet“Prince of Dogs” by Kate Elliott (Milady)

5. Vance Kovacs“Hawkmoon” by Michael Moorcock (Tor Books)

6. Alex Preuss“The Blade Itself” by Joe Abercrombie (Subterranean Press)

7. Kekai Kotaki“Shadow Prowler” by Alexey Pehov (Tor Books)

8. Fiona Hooley“Sunday Stories” by Mircea Opriță (Millennium Press)

9. Chris Rawlins“Furies of Calderon” by Jim Butcher (Blanvalet)

10. Jon Sullivan“Caledor” by Gav Thorpe (Black Library)


Anonymous said...

I love the Tyrant's Fall cover. Something about big, stone statues always gets me jazzed to read.

Sci-fi Bookworm said...

Very impressive! Some of those are quite nice in terms of fantasy cover art. Would like to see a similar list compiled for sci-fi :)

Jamie Gibbs said...

The Barclay Books look outstanding. Also, how come the French titles have cover art that far surpassed what the UK and US have to offer? It's just not fair.

Mihai A. said...

Adam, it is a great cover. I love how the artist made the setting. Also "Prince of Dogs" has a great setting :)

Sci-fi Bookworm, that is a very nice suggestion. I will make a list for the next year focused on Sci-Fi titles too :)

Jamie, the French titles have awesome covers. Not all of course, but many of them are truly impressive. I hope we can see more such cover art :)