Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book trailer - "Silent Voices" by Gary McMahon

Since 2009, when I read “How to Make Monsters”, Gary McMahon has become one of my favorite writers. His short stories are always powerful, his imagination vivid and the resulting combination difficult to forget. My experience with Gary McMahon’s longer fiction however needs to be brought up to date. I didn’t ignore his novels completely, but I am a little in debt when it comes to their reading. Or reviewing them. From the five novels Gary McMahon published so far I read only two, “Pretty Little Dead Things” and “Dead Bad Things”, but I did not manage to review them. And although I set only one reading goal for this year I feel that I need to add another, to read all of Gary McMahon’s novels by the end of the year. Especially since he has just released the second novel in “The Concrete Grove” series, “Silent Voices”, and the third, “Beyond Here Lies Nothing”, is due to be published in September. I am particularly curious about “The Concrete Grove”, because Gary McMahon’s novella, “The Harm”, centered also on three childhood friends, was one of the best readings I had in the past years and not only. Gary McMahon’s “Silent Voices” has a very interesting book trailer too, made by the prolific book trailers creator, Mark West, one that adds further appeal to the Gary McMahon’s novel.

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