Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A new novel by Brian Ruckley on the horizon

In the light of the recent news regarding the film/TV rights of “The Godless World” being acquired Brian Ruckley also revealed that he is writing a new novel. As I said in the previous post I am an admirer of Brian Ruckley’s works, “Winterbirth”, “Bloodheir” and “Fall of Thanes” are the three excellent pieces of one of my favorite modern fantasy series and not only. With “The Edinburgh Dead” Brian Ruckley made a change in the genre, but the result was equally delightful, if not even better. The new novel Brian Ruckley is working on is a return to the fantasy genre in general and the heroic fantasy in particular. The working title is “The Free” and by the looks of it the novel promises to be very interesting:

Once there were many free companies, selling their martial and magical talents to the highest bidder.  Only one now remains, the greatest of them all, known simply as The Free in acknowledgement of its unique survival.  In the last, chaotic days of a savage rebellion against a tyrannical king, a potent mix of venegeance, love and loyalty is about to bring a storm down upon The Free; a storm so violent it might mean the end for the last of the free companies.

It will be a stand-alone novel and since it is still in working phase there is no publication date yet. The only certainty for the time being is that the new Brian Ruckley novel will be published by Orbit Books. However, to sweeten the wait for the new novel Brian Ruckley is holding a competition on the Winterbirth Facebook page for signed copies of his published novels. So if you fancy a sign copy of any of Brian Ruckley’s four published novels you can enter in the giveaway here.


fizzycat said...

Sounds great.

Mihai A. said...

Indeed it does. I am looking forward to read it when it will be out :)