Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new novel by Joe Hill

After the news regarding the new novel Brian Ruckley is working on, another similar information about one of my favorite authors found its way to me. This time is Joe Hill’s turn to announce a new novel, due to be released on spring next year. I enjoyed greatly Joe Hill’s collection of stories “20th Century Ghosts”, the touching “Gunpowder” novella and his novel “Horns”, although it is very true that I still need to catch up with his first novel, “Heart-Shaped Box”. His new novel (I am not sure what its title is, but by the looks of it seems to be Nosferatu or something close to it) comes after Joe Hill worked mostly on comic books. Not that those were not good, on the contrary, “Locke & Key” is a delight, but it is very good to see Joe Hill coming back to the novel form considering my experience with his previous works. We don’t have many details about the new novel yet, but we can admire the preliminary cover designed by Mary Schuck that Joe Hill posted onhis website. And although I can’t draw any clues from it regarding the new Joe Hill novel I have to say that the cover looks very intriguing nonetheless.


Unknown said...

What? New book. Wish list grow. Me like. Thanks. :)

Mihai A. said...

My wish is list is immense :)

Anonymous said...

Nosferatu means vampire