Friday, September 7, 2012

ChiZine Publications to launch "ChiTeen", a Young Adult imprint

ChiZine Publications became over the years one the publishers that I watch closely because the titles I read in time from this independent press were always surprising and of high quality. It was to my further delight to learn that ChiZine Publications will launch a new imprint in 2014 dedicated to Young Adult fiction, “ChiTeen”. Not only that, but the new imprint will start with the publication of a novel written in collaboration by one of the authors that captured my attention over the last years too, Paul Tremblay, and Stephen Graham Jones, “The Unlikely But Totally True Adventures of Floating Boy and Anxiety Girl”.

Co-publishers Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi announced today a new imprint for ChiZine Publications (CZP) to focus on Young Adult fiction. Called “ChiTeen,” the first title will be The Unlikely But Totally True Adventures of Floating Boy and Anxiety Girl by Paul Tremblay and Stephen Graham Jones, scheduled for release in spring 2014.

“As a business, you can’t ignore the young adult market,” says Savory. “Over the last decade, writers like Rowling, Gaiman and Collins were consistently on bestseller lists. We've been wanting to get into the YA market for a couple of years, and now the timing is right.”

“Our editorial style lends itself to young adult fiction,” adds Kasturi. “CZP embraces the dark, the bizarre, the unusual. So many teens feel isolated or different and are looking for that outlet. ChiTeen will offer the same dark and weird stories with strong writing that CZP is known for, just with subject matter more suited for a younger audience.”

Kasturi and Savory will serve as ChiTeen’s co-publishers along with most of the CZP team. They are currently approaching authors to fill out their 2014 roster. They are not currently open to un-agented submissions for the new imprint.

As with CZP, distribution will be handled by HarperCollinsCanada in Canada and Diamond Book Distributors throughout the rest of the world. Foreign rights are handled by Cooke International.

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