Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"The Art of Brom" Kickstarter project

Recently I stumbled very often over Kickstarter, a website that became quite a trend lately. I looked over it a few times, but I must confess that it rarely captured my interest, maybe due to the lack of time for a more proper exploration or due to the lack of projects that I would like to support. To tell you the truth though, there were a couple of such projects, but the one that stirred me into action was the latest I discovered, the funding of the largest, most comprehensive art book of one of my all-time favorite artists, Brom. I have delighted in the art of Brom through time and I am the proud owner of his already published books, “The Plucker”, “The Devil’s Rose” and “The Child Thief”, but I could not resist the opportunity to see Brom and Flesk Publications bringing to life a book in which:

The Art of Brom “Publisher Edition”
Fantasy Cover and “Deluxe Edition” Cover
“Brom has collected together the very best of his art spanning his 30 year career. Many pieces have never before been published. He's included a rare glimpse into his studio, and an in-depth showcase exploring his creative process, including sketches and preliminaries. Brom has written an insightful autobiography sharing his artistic journey from his earliest childhood drawings, his frustrations with commercial art, challenges breaking into the industry, to his years working in games and film, and insights into his latest personal works.

This book will be 9 x 12 inches and encompass 208 pages (trade edition), 224 pages (publisher edition) and 225 pages (deluxe edition). The "Publisher" and "Deluxe" editions will only be available direct from the publisher and artist. We have a fantasy cover and nude cover to choose from for the "Publisher" edition. Depending on your pledge amount there is a sketchbook, giclee print and even an opportunity to have your portrait done as a zombie by Brom that will go in the book!”

The project has the time limit of October, 5th to reach its funding goal, but that not only that has already happened, but it happened surpassing its funding goal well over ten times. And because of it there are plenty of bonus goodies that come from this.

I am really excited about “The Art of Brom” although I do have to wait until June 2013 to receive my copy. However, I am very pleased to see that while waiting for the publication of Brom’s art book I can explore his newest novel, “Krampus, the Yule Lord”, due to be released by Harper Voyager on October, 30th.


Unknown said...

I really like Brom's artwork; I'll take a proper look at the project and see if I can pledge :)

Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

ediFanoB said...

Kickstarter projects spring up like mushrooms. So far I did not find time to take a proper look at some of the projects.

Cursed Armada said...

There are some really good Kickstarter projects if you dig a little bit! This one is a prime example!

Mihai A. said...

Jamie, I can't resist to Brom, he is such a great artist :)

Michael, Kickstarter is the new trend, but I am not sure how much value it has. Still, there are plenty of good things there to be found.

Ross, it is an excellent example. You are also right about Kickstarter, it needs more digging, but I am not exactly sure how much free time I have for that right now :)