Friday, November 15, 2013

Vincent Chong's limited edition prints available

Things have been a little quite around here due to my first visit to England with the occasion of World Fantasy Convention. Of course, that week off still demands a tribute at work and unfortunately I was not able to put my impressions on paper so far. Hopefully I will manage that sooner than later. Anyway, among the great things I experienced at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton was meeting and talking with some of the people I only knew from online and amid all these wonderful persons was Vincent Chong too. Vincent is one of my favorite artists and I had the pleasure to make an interview with him back in 2008, but nothing compares with an actual talk made face to face. As nothing compares with seeing and admiring the art pieces from up close and not from behind a computer screen. That can be said about the book covers too, as much as I love the artworks adorning them they are restricted to certain dimensions and it is something else to see them in full size, displayed in an art show. But since I don’t get quite that many chances to see such art shows you will not catch me complain. Almost all the art pieces exhibited in World Fantasy Convention’s art show were on sale, Vincent Chong’s included. I dreamed of buying some of them, but sadly the financial stretch I made with this visit and the limited available space in my travelling suitcase made such an acquisition impossible. But at my return home I’ve found that not all is lost, Vincent Chong has prints of his amazing works for sale on his website too. Open or limited editions all the prints on sale are signed by Vincent Chong, so if like me you’d like to have one of these beauties you can find more details, including prices, on Vincent’s blog. I am still recovering financially from my trip but personally I would love a print of “Last Breath”, the cover art Vincent Chong made for the gift edition of Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep”, and I’ll certainly try to get one by the end of this year.

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