Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 RomCon Awards & 2013 Ignotus Awards

Last week-end, at Iași, a new edition of the RomCon, the Romanian National Fantasy & Science Fiction Literature and Arts Convention, took place. On this occasion, a jury formed by Mircea Opriţă (president), Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea, George Ceaușu, Mircea Liviu Goga and Lucian Vasile Szabo awarded the 2013 RomCon Awards:

NOVEL: “Citadela de fier” (The Iron Citadel) by Adrian Buzdugan (Tracus Arte)

COLLECTION: “A doua venire” (The Second Coming) by Marian Truţă (Nemira)

DEBUT: “Taxidermie” (Taxidermy) by Narcisa Stoica (Millennium Books) – reviewed here

VISUAL ART: Adrian Chifu


PUBLISHER: Millennium Books

SPECIAL AWARDS: Orizont (Horizon) magazine & Ştefan Ghidoveanu for his blog, SF Crone

Congratulations to all the winners!


On 14th and 15th of December in Quart de Poblet (Valencia) in a ceremony held at the 31st edition of HispaCon, the National Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention organized by AEFCFT (The Spanish Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror Association), the winners of 2013 Ignotus Awards have been announced:

NOVEL: “El mapa del cielo” (The Map of the Sky) by Felix J. Palma (Plaza & Janés)

NOVELLA: “Ostfront” (Ostfront) by Eduardo Vaquerizo, José Ramón Vázquez y Santiago Eximeno (Ediciones del cruciforme)

SHORT STORY: “Neo Tokio Blues” (Neo Tokyo Blues) by José Ramón Vázquez (Prospectivas. Antología del cuento de ciencia ficción española actual)

ANTHOLOGY: “Terra Nova. Antología de ciencia ficción contemporánea” (Terra Nova. Anthology of Modern Science Fiction) edited by Mariano Villarreal and Luis Pestarini (Sportula)

NON-FICTION: “La ciencia ficción de Isaac Asimov” (The Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov) by Rodolfo Martínez (Sportula)

ARTICLE: “Ciencia-Ficción en español” (Science Fiction in Spanish) by Fernando Angel Moreno (Prospectivas)

ILLUSTRATION: The cover of “Terra Nova” made by Ángel Benito Gastañaga (Sportula)

AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL: “Los Verdhugos” (The Verdhugos) by Miquel Codony, Elías Combarro, Josep María Oriol y Pedro Román (Podcast)

COMIC BOOKS: “Espinas” (Thorns) by Santiago Eximeno y Angel Manuel Sánchez Crespo (The End 2012)

POETRY: “Quiero comerme tu máscara de gas” (I want to eat your gas mask) by Santiago Eximeno (Groenlandia 14)

MAGAZINE: “Delirio” (Biblioteca del Laberinto)

TRANSLATED NOVEL: “La ciudad y la ciudad” (The City & The City) by China Miéville (La Factoría de Ideas)

TRANSLATED SHORT STORY: “El zoo de papel” (The Paper Menagerie) by Ken Liu (Terra Nova)

WEB: “La Tercera Fundación” (Asociación “Los Conseguidores”) (

Congratulations to all the winners!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info! Are any of the Romanian titles available in English? I'd be interested in checking them out.
(Sorry if this is clear in your post and I somehow missed it.)

Mihai A. said...

None on this list are available in English yet. But there are a few others:
Marian Coman's "Fingers and other fantastic stories" (

Dan Dobos's "The Abbey" (

Leon Wahl's "The Male Papers" (

George Lazar's "The Guardian Angel" (