Friday, December 20, 2013

Cover art - Shadows & Tall Trees, Issue 6

I’ve barely finished talking about the partnership between Undertow Publications and Chizine Publications that the cover for the 6th issue of Shadows & Tall Trees was revealed. Once again Shadows & Tall Trees grabs the reader’s attention from the first glimpse of the cover and reflects the constant growth of this excellent magazine, in content and presentation, from the first issue (although I must admit I am not much of the fan of the first cover, but I am willing to overlook that one since every such beginning can prove to be difficult) until the upcoming one. This time the artist responsible for the wonderful cover is the Argentinean Santiago Caruso. It is not the first time when Santiago Caruso grabs my attention, after all, he is responsible for the covers of books such as Ramsey Campbell’s “Holes for Faces” (Dark Regions Press), John Langan’s “The Wide Carnivorous Sky & Other Monstrous Geographies” (Hippocampus Press) & “House of Windows” (Nightshade Books), W.H. Pugmire & Jeffrey Thomas“Encounters with Enoch Coffin” (Dark Regions Press) or Ellen Datlow’s series of “Best Horror of the Year” (Nightshade Books) among plenty of others published in Argentina, Spain, United States and the United Kingdom. And with this latest cover Santiago Caruso proves again that he is one of the best modern artists of eerie and fantastic, a cover with the mesmerizing touch of surrealism that he masters so well, an excellent choice for the cover of the upcoming issue of Shadows & Tall Trees. Issue that does not come only with the promise of this great cover, but once more with the guarantee of strong content since Kaaron Warren, Alison Moore, Conrad Williams and Ray Cluley are already among the writers confirmed for the 6th issue.

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