Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Awesome contest & Free reading

This week Book Spot Central has a new contest with an awesome prize. The prize consists in a print of Dragonflight Giclee by Donato Giancola, signed and hand checked. Donato Giancola is a renowned fantasy artist and illustrator. Throughout his career he won a great number of awards and recently he has been honored with 5 Chesley Awards. The contest is open to all Book Spot Central members. For full details please visit the contest page on Book Spot Central. Now, you know that you can't enter this competition because it is obvious that I'm the winner. And if I'm not winning than it might come to bloodshed ;) Good luck to all :)

Tracy Falbe, the author of “The Rys Chronicles” series, is offering a new short story on her website. For a while now her first novel in the series, “Union of Renegades”, is available for download and reading. Now you can read a new short story, “Challenging Lessons”, which relates back story from "The Rys Chronicles" series and takes place over four hundred years before the events in the novels of this exciting fantasy series.
The rys Shan is newly mature, having reached the age of one hundred, and when Onja tells him it is time for him to use his magic to kill -- so that he can truly be strong and serve as her consort -- he makes the decision that will effect the course of his life and the history of all the surrounding human kingdoms.
You can find and read "Challenging Lessons" at Tracy's fantasy genre website, The Fantasy Tavern.

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