Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 of my favorite 2008 reads

Each end of the year brings with him a time for looking back over the good and bad things of the year to pass and looking with hope to the year to come. Looking over my 2008 reads I have to say that it was a good year with many wonderful reads. I usually have a hard time making such a top because most of the times I love the books for different reasons and considering different aspects of each book I enjoyed, every title deserves a first place. Still, I’ll try to make a top of my favorite 2008 reads despite their year of publication (re-reads not included):

1. Carlos Ruiz Zafón - “The Shadow of the Wind”

2. Bill Hussey - “Through a Glass, Darkly”

3. R. Scott Bakker - “The Darkness That Comes Before”

4. Patrick Rothfuss - “The Name of the Wind”

5. Brian Ruckley - “Winterbirth” & “Bloodheir”

6. Peadar Ó Guilín - “The Inferior”

7. Peter V. Brett - “The Warded Man”

8. Ekaterina Sedia - “The Secret History of Moscow” (review not yet published)

9. Andrzej Sapkowski - “The Last Wish”

10. Ian C. Esslemont - “Night of Knives”


Anonymous said...

Ekaterina Sedia is one of the authors which i wish to read in the new year ,too..i have read a short fragment of her new book in the weird tales magazin from september\ was a interesting one..cheers!

ediFanoB said...

From your top 10 I

- read 4 books
“The Shadow of the Wind”
“The Name of the Wind”
“The Secret History of Moscow”
"The Last Wish"

- 2 books are on my shelf
"Night of Knives"

- 2 books are on my to-buy list for 2009
“The Darkness That Comes Before”
“The Warded Man”

- 2 books I'm not interested in
“Through a Glass, Darkly”
“The Inferior”

I totally agree with your number one because it is my number one too.

The Secret History of Moscow is definitely not on my list.

I won't judge about books I didn't read so far.

SciFiGuy said...

Nice list. Only managed to read 2 of the books on your 10 best :(

Simon said...

Just to recap for those who have just started following your blog this year: Could you give a round figure of how many books in total you read in 2008?
Just to have a top 10 suggests you've crunched through enough to even have a top 10. (^_^)

Mihai A. said...

Kyo, Ekaterina Sedia's novels are worthy reads :)

Michael, I'll recommend "Through a Glass, Darkly" to anyone, because although it's a horror novel it's still one of the best books I read. And it is an amazing job for a debut :)

Doug, I have the same problem with other lists :)

Simon, I'm not a fast reader but I know that I read this year around 50 books :)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with Shadow of the Wind as your top pick as I just finished it this afternoon. Absolutely amazing. I feel like I'm much wittier now just from reading the dialogue between Daniel and Fermin.

Incredible novel.

I've added a few other novels from your list to my list of books I want to read. I have a ton of books to tacke but I think the first one I'll try to get to is The Warded Man.

Mihai A. said...

Harrison, I am glad you like it. In my opinion "The Shadow of the Wind" is one of the best novels in many years and one that deserves to be in any top :)