Saturday, December 6, 2008

In the maibox

The past week the postman had quite a busy week, although sometimes the postal service seems to work some magic and manages to loose some packages. Well, I hope that that particular magic will never work again. Anyway, here are the latest books I received:

- "Shadow's Edge" by Brent Weeks (through the courtesy of Orbit Books UK);
- "The Company" by K.J. Parker (through the courtesy of Orbit Books UK);
- "Body Count" by Shaun Hutson (through the courtesy of Orbit Books UK);
- "Voices" edited by Mark S. Deniz & Amanda Pillar (through the courtesy of Mark S. Deniz and Morrigan Books);
- "The Absence" by Bill Hussey (through the courtesy of Bloody Books);
- "The Garbage Man" by Joseph D'Lacey (through the courtesy of Bloody Books);
- "Silver Mage" by C.M. Debell (through the courtesy of C.M. Debell).

Thank you all very much. I am really looking forward to read this books.


Barbara Martin said...

Dark Wolf, I'll be waiting to read the reviews on these books, especially "Shadow's Edge".

ediFanoB said...

Hi Mihai, I look forward to your review of "Shadow's Edge".

It's on my shelf but I didn't read it so far.

Mihai A. said...

Barbara & Michael, I am looking forward to read "Shadow's Edge" too. But unfortunately it has to wait a while, because I don't have the first book in the series, the postal service lost my package with "The Way of Shadows". But I'll get to them as soon as possible :)

ediFanoB said...

Hi Mihai,

that's very sad. But I can assure you things like this also happen in Germany. Fingers crossed you get "The Way of Shadows" soon.

Mihai A. said...

Thank you, Michael :)

Anonymous said...

I found a new book. called Awake (Are We)? Part 1

Its a new Fantasy story much like LOTR and narnia but with a unique idea. Its about a sub conscious world called Sublin that is in trouble by the Shadow night lord. These 2 guys from the wake world have this intense dream energy that they turn into powers.

Wicked little story I found it on Barnes and noble web site but my friends have since told me that is on Amazon. I hope its not a book that vanishes in the world of books I would be a wicked movie

Mihai A. said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to it. I've seen it now on Amazon and Eloquent Books :)