Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Lately it seems that my country is importing holidays too and the only reasons behind this are the material ones and the excuses for parties, although you don’t need to import a holiday for a party reason. I don’t like that much this practice, but I like seeing and learning about other people’s holidays. And one that I like the most is Halloween (we have a similar holiday, but not celebrated as much, in fact almost at all as long as I can remember, Saint Andrew’s Night which takes place on 30th November). Keeping to the present days of Halloween I have to say that I really like the traditions around this holiday. The decorations of this day remind me and work as an introduction for Christmas, the costumes, the trick or treating (we have a similar tradition for Christmas when children sing Christmas carols from house to house for sweets) and above all the jack-o-lantern. I think that the last one is my absolute favorite, I love the jack-o-lantern and I think that my childhood plays a role in this too because I used then to make them together with my grandmother for fun. I have to admit though that I follow one of the Halloween’s traditions, but that is for personal entertainment, I watch these days a few horror movies (although I'll watch them anyway ;D). So with this said I would like to wish you a very
Happy Halloween!


Adele said...

happy halloween!! hope you have a wonderful evening.

Ben said...

Happy Halloween Mihai!

Mihai A. said...

Adele & Ben, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and a great week-end :)