Friday, May 7, 2010

Cover art - "The Path of Daggers" by Robert Jordan

The ebook editions of Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Times” series published by Tor Books reached the eight volume, “The Path of Daggers”, due to be released on May 18th. Tor Books set a high standard for the cover artwork of these editions and with the cover of “The Path of Daggers” they remain true to that standard. The artist who made the cover for this ebook edition is the well known Julie Bell. Julie Bell has done an excellent job with the cover, with a great attention to the details and with wonderful colors. As Irene Gallo, the Art Director of Tor Books, used us as well we can take a look behind the process creation with the help of an article on We can find there also a small, but interesting video in which Julie Bell talks about this cover, fantasy art and her works.

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