Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebration day

It proves to be a wealthy birthday in gifts already. I have pictures taken of them, but since I would not get near the computer very often today I’ll not be able to download the photos, so here is a small presentation instead.

“The Concrete Grove” & “Silent Voices” by Gary McMahon – Gary McMahon is one of my favorite modern writers and his short stories and the two Thomas Usher novels were truly great for me. The Concrete Grove series was on my wish list for quite a while, but I didn’t get a chance to buy them yet. No need for that anymore, because my lovely wife offered them as a birthday gift.

“The Wild” & “The Sea Wolves” by Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon – Jack London was a provider of plenty of dreaming material in my youth so my interest in these two titles was pretty big. I’ve got them in hardcover editions now.

“The Dragon’s Path” by Daniel Abraham – I am in the middle of catching up on all the excellent works of Daniel Abraham and this gift will help me keep this small collection of novels on track.

“Britten and Brülightly” by Hannah Berry – A graphic novel with which I am not very familiar, but I have to admit that I leafed it a bit already and it looks really good.

“Senna” – I loved the man. For me Formula 1 was never the same without Ayrton Senna. Actually, I even lost my interest completely in this racing competition after the death of this magic driver and rarely followed a race since then. I will save this DVD for later, because I might need some paper tissues while watching it.

“Heroes of Might and Magic Collection” – There are some years now since my playing time on the computer is reduced to minimum, but these games were on my highest spot of preferences for a long time. It will give me great pleasure to relive them a bit from time to time.

I am off for further celebration now, but you know, I am still open for more such wonderful gifts if there are still any ;D


Memory said...

Happy birthday, Mihai!

ediFanoB said...

Happy Birthday Mihai!

You got a lot of nice gifts.

Daniel Abraham is an excellent author. I read some of his books and so far I have not been disappointed.

I also remember Jack London novels from my youth.

Hope you have a great day.

Mihai A. said...

Thank you very much! :)