Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cover art - "Blood and Feathers" by Lou Morgan

After the yesterday’s post it came to my attention that the cover artwork of Lou Morgan’s debut novel, “Blood and Feathers”, I featured on my blog it was in fact only a preliminary sketch. Simon Parr, the artist of the respective book cover, was very kind and sent me the final version of the artwork that will grace Lou Morgan’s already intriguing novel. I said yesterday that the cover of “Blood and Feathers” was not as great as those of Chuck Wendig’s novels, but in the new perspective Simon Parr’s raised the game a lot. I still find Joey HiFi’s covers exceptional, but the new Simon Parr’s cover artwork is in a very close pursuit now. The combination of black, white and red is more pregnant in the final version, putting more emphasis on the visual effect and highlighting the title and the author’s name with a discreet, but efficient dripping stroke of red. It certainly looks very good. You can find more of Simon Parr’s works and book covers on Pye Parr Art & Design Blog, with the cover of “Regicide” my favorite so far, but also with an excellent collaboration with Luke Preece (responsible for the awesome “School’s Out Forever” book cover) for the electronic editions’ covers of some of James Lovegrove’s novels.

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