Monday, May 28, 2012

Cover art - "Avempartha" by Michael J. Sullivan (French edition)

I talked very often in praising words about Michael J. Sullivan, Marc Simonetti and the French publisher Bragelonne and its imprint Milady. Well, a little less about Michael J. Sullivan and his wonderful “The Riyria Revelations”, from which I still need to read “Wintertide” and “Percepliquis” and finally put the review of “The Emerald Storm” on paper. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid becoming tiresome in my praise for the above mentioned, I’ll let the cover artwork made by Marc Simonetti for the French edition of Michael J. Sullivan’s “Avempartha” (La Tour Elfique) due to be release by Milady on 22nd of June speak for itself.


Unknown said...

The French covers are always so amazing. Why can't we have those in good old Blighty?!

Mihai A. said...

Jamie, the French are very lucky with some of their covers indeed :)