Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A new source of international speculative fiction

After throwing an eye on the Portuguese speculative fiction with Robert Mendes’ anthology “Vollüspa” I am happy to see another of his praiseworthy initiative taking root, an e-zine dedicated to the non-Anglophone speculative fiction. International Speculative Fiction is a free online e-zine that aims to promote international authors and raise the awareness of the non-Anglophone speculative fiction. ISF is a great opportunity for the speculative fiction to expand itself, to gain new perspectives and step out of boundaries in a constant rhythm:

 International Speculative Fiction (“ISF”) is an e-zine with free online distribution every 3 months featuring Speculative Fiction exclusively of International authors (non-anglophone authors).
ISF will publish 3 to 4 short stories per number, as well as one article and one interview!
Also, ISF will publish in its site a short story and an article every two weeks!

Already International Speculative Fiction published an article by Teresa Sousa de Almeida, “Science Fiction in Portugal – The Drawingup of a Territory”, an illustration by Hauke Vagt (I am happy to see that ISF features art as well) and since yesterday, the first short story. The honor of opening the series of international speculative fiction short stories goes to the Romanian writer Liviu Radu (another reason of joy for me) with his short story, “Digits are cold, numbers are warm”, translated by Loredana Frățilă-Cristescu. So, there are plenty of reasons already to visit International SpeculativeFiction and bookmark it. I am looking forward to see more articles and short stories published on ISF!


Roberto Bilro Mendes said...

Many Thanks;)

We have liftoff...and we are expecting many readers and authors to contribute!

Please do visit ISF and comment there about what you think of our site and our goals of publishing a free magazine!!! Help us to do a better work!

Best regards,

Roberto Mendes

Mihai A. said...

I hope ISF will have a long life and bring us plenty of excellent things. Thank you for your initiative and keep up the great work! :)