Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vincent Chong's new blog

Vincent Chong, the award winning artist who delights us with many wonderful cover illustrations, has started his own blog. I am very happy to see Vincent starting his blog, especially since I am a big admirer of his works and this will be an excellent opportunity to see hot updates of his work, previews, sketches and insights in Vincent’s methods of works and more information about him. Already we can find a post with information about Vincent Chong, an article about the commission of a cover artwork, four pieces of interior art from the limited edition of John Scalzi’s “The Last Colony” published by Subterranean Press and the cover artwork for Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” made by Vincent for the Polish edition of the novel. Also on Vincent’s blog we can find information about his first art book, “Altered Visions”, due to be published by Telos Publishing in 25th of March and which will be launched at the World Horror Convention 2010. I already bookmarked Vincent Chong’s blog and I hope you’ll find many interesting things there too.


Tea and Tomes said...

I have to say, that's a picture that could keep me up at night if I saw it in a particularly vulnerable mood. Very creepy, and the style is amazing. Most images these days that are designed to creep people out seem heavily centres of blood and gore and malformed body parts, but it's amazing how much more profound the feeling becomes when things get more subtle.

Mihai A. said...

I have the same feelings. I find these type of covers to be more powerful and I prefer them over those focused on blood, gore and malformed. And when it comes to reading I have the same choice, I find the horror novels focused on the subtle and psychological terror to be more on my liking.