Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wish list - "The Harm" by Gary McMahon

I discovered Gary McMahon through his collection of stories, “How to Make Monsters”, published by Morrigan Books and since then I tried as much as possible to explore his works more. Recently I was happy to see that Gary McMahon is busy writing, signing a book deal with Angry Robot Books which leads to the future publication of his novels “Pretty Little Dead Things” and “Dead Bad Things” and finishing a novella for TTA Press, “The Harm”, due to be released at the World Horror Convention in Brighton on 25th March. I have to say that besides my interest in Gary McMahon’s works “The Harm” caught my interest with an intriguing synopsis, but also with a catchy cover art made by Ben Baldwin. Luckily it would not be long until I will have the chance to read this novella.

There were three of them then, Tyler, Roarke and Potter, and they were each eight years old: three young boys on the cusp, not yet aware of the darkness that lies at the heart of the world; children more at home with games and fantasy than hard reality. The day that fused these two states – when a nightmare became real life – changed them forever.
But all that happened much earlier, in the Autumn of 1980. This is what came later, long after the fact. Rather than the details of the incident itself, this story consti­tutes the results of the harm.


Barbara Martin said...

This really sounds like something I would read. I look forward to your review, Mihai.

Mihai A. said...

Barbara, I highly recommend the novella, it is an excellent one :)