Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Short movie trailer - "Dust"

I am not overly thrilled with crowdfunding, mainly because as much as these projects are about support they are also about promising something that doesn’t exist yet. And that is a notion I’m not exactly comfortable with. Of course, in the case of Brom’s new art book or Ellen Datlow’s horror anthologies, two such funding projects I backed, the fact that both have already more than proved the caliber of their talents worked as a certain guarantee for the crowdfundings for their new works. But, although I am not much of the follower of crowdfunding sites and projects I am not the one to deny its merits when these show themselves. As it is with the short Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie by Mike Grier, “Dust”. Funded last year through Kickstarter, “Dust” looks like it’s putting the raised money to excellent work, as we can see in this extremely attractive trailer. And since it seems to be more of this imagined world than can fit this short movie the producers of “Dust” hope for an opportunity to make a feature film for this universe if such a chance arises. I am not exactly sure but I believe “Dust” is scheduled to be finished and released on December this year and if you wish to learn more about it or be up to date with the news regarding this short movie you can do so at Dust’s official website, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

A deadly new plague linked to a mysterious dust is devastating the countryside around Kabé--the world's oldest city.
Irezúmi, a Tracker living in the abandoned outskirts of Kabé, is hired by a Merchant of the city's underground medicine trade to study the dust that has begun falling on the city. Unable to develop a cure for the unusual sickness, Irezumi reluctantly agrees to search for the source in the countryside.
Little is known about the Dust or the illness it causes, but as it continues to consume the countryside Kabé is preparing to shut its gates--denying refuge to anyone outside the walls.
With the city verging on lock-down, the two embark on a dangerous journey into the countryside in search of the source.


Psychedelia Gothique - Dale L. Sproule said...

Very intriguing trailer. Thanks for turning me onto this.

Mihai A. said...

It was love at the first sight for me. I can't wait to see the entire movie. It certainly promises a lot. :)