Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Beyond" #1 & #2

"Beyond" #1 & #2
Script: Ron Marz; Art: Edison George
Publisher: Virgin Comics

“Beyond” is a new title of Virgin Comics, created by Deepak Chopra, with the script written by Ron Marz and the art made by Edison George.

The story follows a family that is spending a vacation in India. The woman, Anna, disappears during this vacation and her husband, Michael and her son, Ty, begin the search of her. They are helped by a strange woman and in their search they arrive at a mysterious dimensional door.

I have to admit that I didn’t liked or enjoyed the drawings too much. The drawings seem rather simple and not very reach in color. This little range of color throws a grey light over the atmosphere, one that I don’t believe that is sustained fully by the story. Because I didn’t find the drawings on my liking I didn’t liked too much the characters either.

On the other hand the story is an interesting one and captivated my attention. The mystery is well build and as I advanced I’ve got some clues and some elements of it unfold, but I’ve got some new elements that complicated the story (in a pleasant way) too. One thing bothered me, the presence of a comic book in the story, of which I didn’t find the use. But that didn’t stand in my way of enjoying the story.

Overall despite my reserve for the drawings the story was good and kept me interested and also curious about the next two issues of “Beyond” and the outcome of this mysterious disappearance.

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