Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1"

"Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1"
Writer: William Messner-Loebs, Dan Barry, Lee Marrs
Artist: Dan Barry, Leo Durañona, Karl Kesel, Andy Mushynsky and more
Format: Paperback, 352 pages
Publisher: Dark Horse

I have to start by confessing that I really like Indiana Jones, as a character, and also the movies featuring him. When I get this volume I was thrilled, because I had the opportunity to read the comics featuring this character.

This Omnibus volume gathers three stories, published before as comic books series, and offered to Indy and adventure fans once again.

“Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”, story by Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein, Lucasfilm Games, script by William Messner-Loebs, Dan Barry and Mike Richardson, pencils by Dan Barry, inks by Karl Kesel and Dan Barry, colors by Lurene Haines and Dan Barry, letters by Gail Beckett – In the first story of this volume, Indiana Jones finds an old artifact discovered on a previous expedition and inside this horned idol an energized metal, orichalcum, associated with the lost continent of Atlantis. Helped by a former colleague, Sophia Hapgood, he tries to locate Atlantis and the source of the orichalcum. But on their steps are the Nazis that seek the same source as Indiana Jones.

“Thunder in the Orient”, script by Dan Barry, pencils by Dan Barry and Dan Spiegle, inks by Dan Barry, Andy Mushynsky and Dan Spiegle, colors & letters by Gail Beckett – Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood find some scrolls that relate about an ancient document written by Buddha, which can change all the aspects of the various Buddhist religions. But they have to get it before a Japanese general reaches it.

“Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold", script by Lee Marrs, art by Leo Durañona, colors by Matthew Hollingsworth, letters by Steve Haynie – In the final story of this Omnibus edition Indiana Jones helps a colleague to track her missing brother. The adventure leads Indy in South America, after a pair of golden arms that can bring her wielder a great power. Once again Dr. Henry Jones Jr. has to save the day and the world from maniacs that seek word dominion.

This volume is a very good collection of Indiana Jones stories. First thing I liked at this omnibus was the cover art of the three stories. They are made available at the beginning of each adventure. And I really liked the illustrations made by Dave Dorman, Hugh Fleming and Russell Walks. I liked the art of the comics too, with a great minus for the third one. The first two stories have a good art and good drawings, with the atmosphere of the Indy movies well caught and made. In the third story I didn’t liked the art, mainly because it seems impersonal, unfinished and roughly made. Because of that I didn’t feel anything for Indiana Jones and even I disliked his appearance in this story.

The stories are good having the same interesting adventures that follow Indiana Jones. They benefit of a lot of action, carefully build, with a good pace and with the amusement of some situations. Here the dialogues catch the feeling of Indy movies having some smart and funny replies and the stereotypes used by Dr. Jones. Unfortunately I will have to say that again the third story lack to entertain me. Like the art of the third adventure I didn’t liked the story either. The situation in this case seems rather odd and superficial. The pace is slow and with scenes that doesn’t help the story or the action. Also when you see from time to time mentions like “An hour later”, “Hours later” or something alike it can be annoying. I mean I know the time is passing in the story without being pointed out.

Overall “Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1” has two good and catching stories out of three and that makes it an interesting and enjoyable read and a great joy for Dr. Henry Jones Jr. fans.


ediFanoB said...

Indiana Jones is great.

I got Lego Indiana Jones for Wii.
I love it.

Between 1992 and 2002 a lot of Indiana Jones stories have been published in Germany. I read most of them.

Authors of these books: Wolfgang Hohlbein and Rob McGregor

As far as I know all stroies written by Wolfgang Hohlbein have been published only in Germany.

There was also a series with the adventures of young Indiana Jones.

The Adventures of Indiana Jones including the voles related to the first three films is in my bookshelf.

Anyway Indiana is immortal

Mihai A. said...

Michael, I really like Indiana Jones and I find him immortal too :)