Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Mind the Gap" by Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon

Format: Paperback, 400 pages
Publisher: Bantam Spectra

I was always curious about the works of various writers, but when it comes to novels written in collaboration my curiosity grows even more. So it’s the case with “Mind the Gap”, a novel written together by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon.

Jazz has been taught by her mother that she has to be always in alert and prepared to run and hide. One day returning from school she has to apply her mother teachings after she finds out that her mother was murdered. Jazz hides in the London underground and here she finds a group of outcasts that adopt her. When it seems that the “Uncles” that killed her mother and made her run have a connection with the outcast leader the mystery becomes deeper.

“Mind the Gap” is the first novel in “The Hidden Cities” series. Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon made an interesting collaboration and an interesting novel. Their novel starts in style, building the mystery and keeping the reader close to the action. After the beginning of the novel, even though the pace is kept on a good rhythm, I felt that the action is slowed down. In this rhythm the story is growing and towards the end the action is increased again. And that is the part I enjoyed the most, high paced, with twists and turns and an unpredictable end.

I liked the characters of the novel and you can see the talent of the authors in this field. Although only some of them have in depth characterization they are well made and attractive. I liked Jazz and although I will not make her one of my favorite characters ever I was interested in her destiny and in the outcome of her adventure. Also I liked Terence and Harry two interesting characters. I would have liked to see one or two of the “villains” developed, but I believe that in that case the pace would have suffered more so I’ll pass this by with no regrets.

I liked the mix made by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon with mystery, ghost story and fantasy. I enjoyed the magic of the great city, I liked the description of the ghosts and I enjoyed the “Hour of Screams”. I liked the machinery present in the story and the idea behind it. I could see the authors experience in horror stories in the violent scenes, not many but well made.

Another thing that attracts me on “Mind the Gap” was the setting. The authors made an excellent work with London, making the city a character of the novel. Besides the descriptions of the actual city I could see his background made like the personal history of a character. Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon made me see London in this story like a character that is trying to heal his wounds and move forward in his life.

“Mind the Gap” is an interesting novel and I believe that after this first collaboration between Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon their work together can only improve.

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