Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Devi/Witchblade" #2

"Devi/Witchblade" #2
Written by Samit Basu; Art by Mukesh Singh
Publisher: Virgin Comics

In this comic series two beautiful and powerful heroines team up to form a strong alliance, Devi and Witchblade.

Sarah Pezzini, the bearer of Witchblade, investigates a series of homicide in New York and she is lead in the city of Sitapur, India. Here she meets Tara Mehta, the present Devi that protects the city. Together they will face the demon Tama and his servants.

In “Devi/Witchblade” I liked the drawings. I liked how the setting and the characters are drawn, especially the demon Tama and the darinde, as are named the undead servants of the demon Tama. I liked also the vision that the heroines have at their encounter.

The story is a simple one. I find it a little underdeveloped and the storyline seems hasted sometimes. I mean that some things seem to happen all of the sudden and sometimes it seems that the author is jumping a few steps. I liked the humor present in the dialogues and I liked the scene in the bad cop/good cop scenario with the amusing conversation between Witchblade and a darinde.

“Devi/Witchblade” is an interesting comic book, with an interesting collaboration that with certainty will be enjoyed above all by the long fans of the two heroines.

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