Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cover art

After I had finished "Corsair" I started to investigate the cover artist, Larry Rostant. I liked the cover made for "Corsair" and even though I didn’t find any personal information about the artist I found some information about his works.

Larry Rostant is an illustrator and a photographer. He is a constant presence in cover art and he illustrated the covers of novels from different literature genres, such as fantasy, historical fiction, suspense, adventure and romance. Some of the novels that benefit of his art are written by Stephen King, Garth Nix, David Gemmell, Clive Cussler, Robin Cook, just to name a few. I particularly like his covers for historical fiction novels, finding them different from other fantasy art I’ve seen, but enjoyable none of the less.

At his personal website you can find a great number of his works.

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