Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cover art - The Riyria Revelations

Among the book covers that I liked lately are those done for the novels in The Riyria Revelations series. I like the simplicity of these covers and the link with the story, “The Crown Conspiracy” and “Avempartha” feature the places found in the central attention of two lovely characters, Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater. I just finished the second novel in the series, “Avempartha”, and I can say that I am pleased when it comes to the connection between the story and the cover artwork. Another very interesting thing is that the artist of the covers is none other than the author of the novels, Michael J. Sullivan. Considering all these aspects and the fact that I enjoyed the first two novels, the third announced title of the series, “Nyphron Rising”, immediately caught my attention and I am very curious to see where these adventures will take me next. Adding the synopsis of the novel and I can easily say that “Nyphron Rising” is one of the titles I am looking forward to read until the end of the year.

War has come to Melengar. To save her realm, Princess Arista must reach the leader of the Nationalists and convince him to join forces. She turns to two trusted mercenaries to provide escort, but finds the team on the verge of dissolution.
Hadrian is tired of his lecherous profession and longs for a just cause. Royce knows a secret which could provide his partner a life’s purpose greater than anything his friend could imagine…but is it true? Or is an ancient wizard using them as pawns in his own struggle for power? To unravel the truth Royce convinces Hadrian to join him for one last mission—what they discover could change the future for all of Elan.


The Reader said...

Hi Mihai

Thanks for the post. I didn't know that the covers were done by the author himself. That is good to know, just goes to show he's multifaceted.


Ben said...

I agree that these covers, and more importantly, these books, are great!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the post with the covers! As much as I loved the first cover, I think they are getting better and better.

ediFanoB said...

Nice to hear that there is a connection between the covers and the story.
I have to wait a bit. The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha are on my December 2009 to buy list.

Robin Sullivan said...

Dark Wolf - you have such a great site and I'm always interested in your opinions. Thank you for posting on Michael's covers we are very pleased that you liked them enough to feature them on your fine site. Michael "fell into" doing the covers...The original sketch provided by the publisher was not what he was looking for so he quickly did a painting to show him what he wanted...Luckily the publisher took Michael's design and then commisioned him for the rest.

For Michael, it is great being able to have what he wants on the cover and from you, and others it seems that they are being taken well. (We even have someone who has Avempartha as a poster in his study ;-)

Anyway thanks again for giving some "net time" to a new struggling author - yours and others support helps to ensure that the full series will "see the light of day". As always we are greatful to you and your site - and can't wait to hear the full review of Avempartha.

Robin Sullivan
(Wife of author Michael Sullivan)

Mihai A. said...

Mihir, I believe that the author knows best what is between the covers and what cover art will be the most appropriate for his novel :)

Ben, indeed these books are great :)

Cindy, it is true that they are looking better and better. I am curious what the future ones will look like :)

Michael, I hope you'll enjoy the books :)

Robin, thank you very much for your compliments, it means a lot.
It is great to see that Michael's talent goes into the cover art as well. And I think that the collaboration between an author and a cover illustrator is important. However, in this case Michael did a great job by himself.
I hope that Michael will have success, because he is talented and deserves it. I am glad to help with as little as I can.
And I am certain that he will have success, especially since he has such great support from his family and such a great publicity agent ;)

Benjamin said...

Ooo, love the cover for the third book. I agree that the covers for all the books so far have been very, very good.

Mihai A. said...

Benjamin, the covers are truly good :)