Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cover art - "The Blade Itself" by Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie’s novels are a part of my Pile o’ Shame, especially his debut trilogy, “First Law”. Despite this I love the covers of Joe Abercrombie’s novels, especially those of the first editions, simple and truly effective. Subterranean Press will release a limited edition of Joe Abercrombie’s debut novel, “The Blade Itself”, and this week the author posted on his blog the cover artwork of this limited edition. It was a bit surprising to see this artwork, because the first image of the interior artwork I saw on Subterranean Press website was rather confusing, mainly because I didn’t quite understand the scene depicted, its meaning and the tone of that scene. However the cover artwork made by Alex Preuss looks great, in a beautiful style and that works like a magnet for me. It still has a small problem in my opinion, although the font and the color of the title are truly appealing, I find the lettering to be too big and in a wrong position, taking away a bit too much from the beautiful scene of the cover artwork. Still, even with this small drawback the cover artwork made by Alex Preuss is very beautiful and I am happy to see that the list of candidates for my year’s best cover is growing fast.

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