Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book Trailer - "Isis" by Douglas Clegg

This month the novella of Douglas Clegg, “Isis”, first published by Cemetery Dance in 2006 will be released in a new edition by Vanguard Press. I admit that the synopsis of the novella sounds intriguing and caught my interest.

If you lost someone you loved, what would you pay to bring them back from the dead?
Old Marsh, the gardener at Belerion Hall, warned the Villiers girl about the old ruins along the seacliffs. “Never go in, miss. Never say a prayer at its door. If you are angry, do not seek revenge by the Laughing Maiden stone, or at the threshold of the Tombs. There be those who listen for oaths and vows…. What may be said in innocence and ire becomes flesh and blood in such places.”
She was born Iris Catherine Villiers. She became Isis.
From childhood until her sixteenth year, Iris Villiers wandered the stone-hedged gardens and the steep cliffs along the coast of Cornwall near her ancestral home. Surrounded by the stern judgments of her grandfather—the Gray Minister—and the taunts of her cruel governess, Iris finds solace in her beloved older brother who has always protected her. But when a tragic accident occurs from the ledge of an open window, Iris discovers that she possesses the ability to speak to the dead...
Be careful what you wish for.

What stirred my interest further on is the book trailer you see above and which I found to be a very good one. And the site dedicated to the book where you can find information about the book and Douglas Clegg, an excerpt and some treats in form of a game, avatars and wallpapers. You can find the book’s site at


Harry Markov said...

I am hooked. Thanks for the book trailer.

Rabid Fox said...

I think it was the Cemetery Dance cover I saw this week. It looks amazing, whichever publisher, and the story sounds great. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Mihai A. said...

Harry, it is my pleasure :)

Rabid Fox, the story indeed sounds great :)