Friday, May 22, 2009

Cover Art - "Dragon Keeper" by Robin Hobb

On the 25th of June, Harper Voyager will release a new novel by the well-known and much appreciated author, Robin Hobb. “Dragon Keeper” is the first novel in “The Rain Wild Chronicles”, Robin Hobb’s new duology, and it will be followed if I am not mistaken by “Dragon Haven” (as stated on the author’s MySpace blog).

Yesterday I found the cover art for this upcoming novel on Jackie Morris’ journal, the artist who made the cover. Jackie Morris also designed the covers for the other Robin Hobb’s series published by Harper Voyager, “Farseer”, “Liveship Traders”, “Tawny Man” and “Soldier Son”. Although I like the more detailed covers of the author’s series I found equal pleasure in the covers designed by Jackie Morris. I like their simplicity a lot and I find the unique image on the covers to have the same power with the other cover artworks. I also think that this design have an air of mystery, showing just a hint of the treasure hidden between the book covers, but making me eager to dig for that treasure.

Here is also a synopsis I found:

Tintaglia the blue dragon has lost interest in the stunted dragons that emerged from the cocoons of Maulkin′s Serpent Tangle. Dragons are fiercely practical about survival of the fittest‚ and now that she has produced her own batch of healthy hatching serpents Tintaglia no longer provides for the weak creatures abandoned near Trehaug‚ the main city of the Rain Wilds.
The Rain Wild Council is as ruthless as Tintaglia: Deciding that the pack must be relocated they begin to recruit their least useful citizens to tend the beasts and escort them upriver to better hunting grounds.
Because of their proximity to the acid waters and vapours of the Rain Wild River‚ Rain Wilders are born with deformities that shorten their life expectancy and must wed young and reproduce early if their family lines are to survive.
Thymara is long past marriageable age. Having been born with too many abnormalities she should have been exposed as an infant‚ but her father chose to keep and raise her‚ against his wife′s wishes.
When Thymara′s mother hears that the council is seeking tenders she grasps the chance to be rid of her wild‚ ugly daughter. But Thymara shows just as much enthusiasm at the prospect of adventure and grabs the opportunity to travel with the dragons.
But the youngsters that will herd the dragons are as ignorant as the beasts themselves − both completely unaware that they are being sent into an exile rather than to a sanctuary.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Thanks for this posting. The Dragon Keeper is every bit as good as the others. Fantastic.
I have the manuscript for the second book waiting to be read and have just finished a couple of other amazing books, The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer, by Patrick Ness. Both books are amazing and fast moving and remarkable. They are branded as kids books, but only I think because the main characters are young adults.
Anyway, now I can move on to the next of the Rainwilds Chronicles and try and find an iconic image for this one.

Mihai A. said...

Jackie, thank you very much for visiting my blog :)
You did an excellent job with the covers for Robin Hobb's works (and not only for these ones). As for Patrick Ness, I heard of his novels but I haven't got the chance to pick them up. I should put them on my shopping list too :)

Peter said...

Hey, I've always been meaning to visit this site, must have forgot. Next I plan on reading and reviewing a book on Robin Hoob, it's called Assain's Apprentice. Have you heard or read it.

Mihai A. said...

Pizza, welcome :)
I read some of Robin Hobb's works, but not all of them. I like her works and I find Robin Hobb to be a very talented author.