Friday, November 21, 2008

An update

I have to apologies for the delay in my Fantasy Art posts. I try to make them weekly, but sometimes it is a bit difficult. I have 4-5 interviews in work and some of them are pretty close to finish. All the delay is understandable and is totally objective, I know how hard is to deal with a tight and busy schedule. However, I hope that a new Fantasy Art post will be ready soon.

Until then, I will try to relate to my Fantasy Art posts with the presentation of a blog I follow for the past 3 months. I believe that Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo are in no need for introduction. They are one of the heavy names of Fantasy Art, with huge talent and marvelous works. Since August this year Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo started their own blog, Paint And Brush, where they keep us up to date with their works. I really like to visit their blog for the latest drawings, for glimpses of their latest paintings, for scheduled appearances and events. And one of my favorite posts is one of Julie Bell’s paintings in progress, a wonderful display of wolves (how else? ;) ). So, if you want to be up to date with the works and activity of Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo, please visit their blog, Paint And Brush.


Barbara Martin said...

I have admired the art work of Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo for years, and try to buy a calendar featuring their art.

Cole said...

I am a young writer that is new to blogging...I would like to get connected with other bloggers of my same interest so i can get their opinions on my work I would like to subscribe to your blog in hopes that you may do the same thing for me. Please excuse some of the unproffesional posts on my blog. : )

Mihai A. said...

Barbara, I ordered a calendar too :)

Saggitarus, thank you and I'll come visit your blog :)