Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fantasy Art: Sandara Tang

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Sandara Tang is a talented young artist from Singapore. Her very interesting works picture among others fantastical creatures and fantasy characters and scenes. Her portfolio is growing constantly and she frequently updates it at her DeviantArt page.

Interview Sandara Tang

Dark Wolf: Sandara, thank you for your time and for this interview.
How did you become interested in art? What was the impulse that made you draw for the first time?
Sandara Tang: I was interested in drawing ever since young. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing.

Dark Wolf: Who are your favorite artists? Which one has been the most influential on your works?
Sandara Tang: I don’t have any single artist who is my favourite, but game art is my favourite.

Dark Wolf: I’ve seen that you worked with watercolors, pencils and digital tools. Do you prefer using one in particular? Would you like to improve your works with one tool or another?
Sandara Tang: I started out with watercolors and pencils before moving on to digital. Although I prefer digital and also my work now requires me to work in digital, I hope one day I can go back to traditional watercolors.

DW: Your works are focused on fantasy themes. What attracted you at fantasy? Would you like to try different themes too?
ST: I like to read fantasy stories and play fantasy RPGs. Not so much sci-fi or other genres, so I guess I was stuck with drawing fantasy. Yes, I suppose one day I would like to try other genres.

DW: You have made a few illustrations based on fantasy novels. What inspires you in a novel? What makes you draw a scene or a character from a novel?
ST: If I enjoyed reading the novel or if I have a favourite character from that novel, I will draw it.

DW: Many works of yours picture mythical and magical creatures. Do you enjoy drawing such creatures? Does your interest in these creatures go beyond art?
ST: Yes, I enjoy drawing them very much! I do like reading about them, or watching movies that have them.

DW: I’ve seen also a number of fan works of World of Warcraft. Is this your favorite game? Would you like someday to work in a concept art for this game or one such as this one?
ST: Yes, right now it is my favourite PC game :)
I am now working on a MMORPG, like WoW, but not on such a big scale.

DW: From all of your works do you have one that is closer to your heart? Which one do you consider to be the best you made so far?
ST: I think it's Roughwork 2. It is fully digital, but I managed to make it look like watercolors hahah. Also, my favourite Greek myth is the Hades and Persephone one.

DW: What job opportunity would be hard to refuse? Would you like to work in particular art field?
ST: If any large game company offered me a job, that would be hard to resist. I would like to work in the concept art field.

DW: May you tell me a little about your future projects?
ST: My company will be starting to work on another MMO next year, so I guess that’s what I will be working on. It’s based on a series of books written by a Taiwanese author.

Thank you very much for your answers.

You can find a complete portfolio of Sandara Tang at her website,

© The artwork presented on this post is used with the permission of its author. All the artwork is copyrighted. Please do not use the images without the permission of the artist or owner.


D said...

Good artwork as always but the interview felt a bit curt.

Have you considered digging out and doing an interview with an artist that is not being watched by half of the DA?

It is nice seeing familiar faces/ artwork in these posts but discovering something equally good but obscure might be interesting too.

Maria said...

I had never heard of Sandara Tang, so works for me!

This stuff is good--although a bit disturbing. All of them had a "hellish" feel to them.

Anonymous said...

Great art and interview!!

Mihai A. said...

D, thank you. I do digg, but it is quite hard to find someone to match your criteria. Especially with all the easy access to Internet.

Maria, thank you very much. It is a bit disturbing, but it has a very interesting touch :)

Amy, thank you very much. Much appreciated :)