Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cover art - Glen Cook

I do not make a secret that one of my favorite artists is Raymond Swanland. I really like his style and his artworks and since I had the pleasure to interview Raymond I followed his work even more closely. I also have a weak spot for cover artwork and that passion is fully satisfied when I see Raymond Swanland’s cover illustrations for Glen Cook’s books (but not only for those). Here are three of this covers, one of them is already known for a while, for “An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat” published by Night Shade Books, and two of them for two future releases, “The Swordbearer” a re-release by the same Night Shade Books of the novel published first in 1982 and “The Return of the Black Company” an omnibus published in September by TOR and which comprises the novels “Bleak Seasons” and “She is the Darkness”.


Anonymous said...

Swanland for the covers of Glen Cook's works is stunning. In my opinion, the best cover art currently out.

Jebus said...

He's fast becoming one of my favourite artists along with Brom and Komarck.

His works just seem to have a kind of real motion and tension to them that translates so well as a novel cover.

Mihai A. said...

Peter, these are indeed some of the best covers currently out :)

Jebus, it truly gives a sense of motion and action in his works. A very talented artist :)