Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cover art - "Mister Slaughter" by Robert McCammon

One of the very talented artists I had as guest on my fantasy art posts is Vincent Chong. And it seems that Vincent is also a tireless artist continuing to produce wonderful pieces in an amazing rhythm. He also continues to gather award nominations, being on the proposed list for the 2009 Chesley Awards and on the shortlist for the British Fantasy Awards. One of the latest cover artworks that captured my attention is the one made for the novel of Robert McCammon, “Mister Slaughter”, which will be published by Subterranean Press in late 2009/early 2010. Besides the beautiful cover art Vincent Chong will produce also the interior illustrations of the edition.

The world of Colonial America comes vibrantly to life in this masterful new historical thriller by Robert McCammon. The latest entry in the popular Matthew Corbett series, which began with Speaks the Nightbird and continued in The Queen of Bedlam, Mister Slaughter opens in the emerging metropolis of New York City in 1702, and proceeds to take both Matthew and the reader on an unforgettable journey of horror, violence, and personal discovery.
The journey begins when Matthew, now an apprentice “problem solver” for the London-based Herrald Agency, accepts an unusual and hazardous commission. Together with his colleague, Hudson Greathouse, he agrees to escort the notorious mass murderer Tyranthus Slaughter from an asylum outside Philadelphia to the docks of New York. Along the way, Slaughter makes his captors a surprising--and extremely tempting--offer. Their response to this offer will alter the course of the novel, setting in motion a series of astonishing, ultimately catastrophic events.
Mister Slaughter is at once a classic portrait of an archetypal serial killer and an exquisitely detailed account of a fledgling nation still in the process of inventing itself. Suspenseful, illuminating, never less than compulsively readable, it is, by any measure, an extraordinary achievement, the largest accomplishment to date from one of our most gifted--and necessary--writers.

Vincent Chong will also work at another great title which will be released by Subterranean Press in the future, an edition of Arturo Perez-Reverte’s “The Club Dumas”. I can’t wait to see Vincent’s artworks for this title, especially since Arturo Perez-Reverte is one of the authors who impressed me lately and “The Club Dumas” is a very captivating novel.


ediFanoB said...

The cover is promising. Didn't read a book by Robert McCammon so far but now I'm interested in. I will add the books of the Matthew Corbett series.
Did you read a Matthew Corbett novel so far?

Mihai A. said...

No, I haven't read them, but I plan too :)