Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cover art - "Caledor" by Gav Thorpe

Jon Sullivan is one of the best fantasy art artists and this is proved with each new work he makes. Such an example is the cover artwork Jon Sullivan made for Gav Thorpe’s “Caledor”, the final book of the author’s “The Sundering” trilogy. The image is impressive, the depth of the scene, the contrast between the colors and the excellent made dragon that dominates the center of the picture make for an admiring artwork. Unfortunately I have to say that I regret the choice of The Black Library for the final version of the cover. Although I do love the artwork, to feature only a detail of the scene drawn by Jon Sullivan takes away too much from the entire artwork and it is a loss since it is such a great scene. I personally would have chosen the entire scene unfolded on the both front and back covers, but maybe the art department of The Black Library had its reasons for its choice. On the publisher’s blog you can find Jon Sullivan’s artwork in full and also a close up on the detail featured on the cover. Gav Thorpe’s “Caledor” will be released by The Black Library on May 2011.

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