Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review of the 2009 reading year

The end of year is also a time of drawing a line and making a balance. I set a few reading goals at the beginning of the year and now is the time to take a look at them. There weren’t many of them achieved but despite of this I am quite pleased with this reading year. I know that I didn’t manage to read as many books as I would have liked but I was close to my average. I finished 48 books in 2009, counting here Brandon Sanderson’s “Warbreaker” too, from which I have only 20 pages left and it will be finished until the end of the year. From the 48 books, 45 were reviewed on my blog and for the other 3, T.A. Moore’s “The Even”, Marian Coman’s “Nopti albe, zile negre” (White nights, black days) and Julio Cortazar’s “Bestiario” (Bestiary), I am not certain if I will write one. It was a very good year since from the 48 books I read with only 4 of them I was dissapointed.

At the beginning of 2009 I had a list of titles I was looking forward to read and from the list of 18 titles I read 8 of them (with 4 titles from that list not published this year). The goal I failed to achieve at any level is the work on my Pile O’Shame. Unfortunately once again I neglected those books and I failed to start reading these series. However I have to seriously consider the series list for the reading goals of 2010, but this time with a strong self push from behind to really start reading them.

As for my blog, I know that in the last couple of months weren’t any posts about fantasy art, but due to some hectic time at work and some interviews that are still waiting for their answers, I didn’t manage to keep them posted. But this will certainly improve and the fantasy art posts will come back next year, in full force I hope. Also I have in plan a few interviews with some wonderful writers and hopefully those will be successfully made. But I’ll post about all my reading and blogging goals for the next year at the beginning of 2010.


Harry Markov said...

And good luck in accomplishing these goals, Mihai. Wish you all the best in the upcoming 2010.

KT Grant said...

Wishing you an even better 2010!

Valashain said...

I'm going to have to keep reminding you to read Erikson I suppose :P

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work done with your blog, I read it every time there is new content, in complement with "graeme fantasy book review" ant "pat fantasy hotlist" and even if you can't add content every , you make me happy every time.
i have read 32 books this year and found new books and authors thank to your blogs. unfortunately my pile of shame is always the same.
Mormegil, marseille, FRANCE.

Ben said...

Keep up the good work Mihai!

ediFanoB said...

Keep up the good work Mihai!.
I will post my big fat end of the year post on the last day of 2009.

Mihai A. said...

Harry & Katie, I hope that 2010 will make all your wishes come true :)

Val, I am counting on you to buzz me about it, because I really need to start reading the series :)

Mormegil, thank you very much, it means a lot. The pile of shames tend to be that way, I also have some older titles that keep waiting for a reading :)

Ben & Michael, thank you very much :)