Saturday, January 23, 2010

International cover art - "King's Dragon" by Kate Elliott (French edition)

I am afraid that now I have only high expectations from the French cover artworks, although I don’t think I expect beautiful cover illustrations only from them. As the French publishing market used us, here is another excellent cover. I have a weakness for medieval weaponry, armory and heraldry and it was this section that attracted me the most in my history school books. Well, as you can see, this cover illustration satisfies my little pleasure in the fullest. The illustration is made by Didier Graffet for the French edition of Kate Elliott’s “King’s Dragon” (Le Dragon du Roi), the first novel in her “Crown of Stars” series, and released by Milady on 15th of January.


Gabriele Campbell said...

Not exactly what 10th century German armour looked like, but it's a kickass cover nevertheless. :)

Mihai A. said...

Gabriele, I think it looks really good indeed :)