Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book deal - Gary McMahon & Solaris Books

I have fallen a bit behind with my reading lately, due to a few days of headaches that didn’t seem to stop. But today I feel better already and I think that I will be on my usual reading schedule again. But although I didn’t manage much reading these days I still finished Gary McMahon’s novella, “The Harm”, and I already sketched my review. And since I enjoyed a lot “The Harm” and I was talking about Gary McMahon’s career recently, I am happy to see that further news about his writing are revealed. I am also happy to see that Gary’s career is on a rise, with the publication of his novella, “The Harm”, at the World Horror Convention next week and with the book deal signed with Angry Robot Books I mentioned in my previous post, but also with the new deal, announced yesterday, signed with Solaris Books for a horror/urban-fantasy trilogy. As Solaris Books says it Gary's new series will be dark, gritty, intelligent, mysterious and moving and will start in 2011 with the novel “The Concrete Grove”.
Congratulations, Gary!


Mircea Pricajan said...

yup, i've set my eyes on mcmahon too. can't wait to read your thoughts on 'the harm'.

Mihai A. said...

Mircea, Gary McMahon is a very talented writer and I am looking forward to see his novels, because he promises quite a few great things I believe :)