Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cover art - "Black House" (Czarny dom) by Stephen King & Peter Straub

One of my all time favorite novels is “The Talisman” by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Actually, it is correct to say that two of my favorite novels are the two written together by Stephen King and Peter Straub in “The Talisman” duology, “The Talisman” and “Black House”, but somehow “The Talisman” always comes first to mind. One of my favorite artists is Vincent Chong, always surprising me with his excellent book cover illustrations, and the Polish publisher, Prószyński I S-ka, brings together both my favorites in their edition of “Black House” (Czarny dom). Prószyński I S-ka will release the Polish edition of “Black House” on 6th of April and the book cover is illustrated by Vincent Chong. With yet another amazing artwork in my opinion and one of the best I’ve seen for one of my favorite novels.


Murf61 said...

The Talisman and Black House are both great books, but, like you, I prefer The Talisman. Excellent cover. I really like it :-)

Rabid Fox said...

Wow. That's a gorgeous cover. I have both collaborations sitting on my TBR pile. I swear I'll read Talisman someday. :)

Mihai A. said...

Murf, it a great cover. And it makes want to re-read the books when I'll get a chance :)

Rabid Fox, I highly recommend "The Talisman", it is one of my favorite books :)