Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cover art - "Dreadnought" by Cherie Priest

Jon Foster made a great cover for Cherie Priest’s novel, “Boneshaker”, and now he comes with another wonderful artwork for the second novel in the “Boneshaker” series, “Dreadnought”. On Irene Gallo’s blog, where I could find this new cover from Tor Books, we can also find an alternative artwork for the cover of “Dreadnought”. I will admit that the first cover, the one that was turned down by the marketing department in the end, is more appealing to me. It has a better atmosphere and warmer colors, but I will not complain too much with Tor’s choice, because the cover we see is looking good too and indeed hits closer to the steampunk mark, also keeping the line set by the cover of the first novel of the series, “Boneshaker”. “Dreadnought” will be released by Tor Books in September.


Jamie Gibbs said...

A very nice cover. I love the slightly out of focus look of the background as you see the machine lumber towards the foreground. Defintely has the steampunk feel. I need to get me hands on Boneshaker before any more books are released, this series looks to be awesome!

Memory said...

I really like this. It's dramatic and mysterious, and it really fits the feel of the world Priest has created.

Mihai A. said...

Jamie, it is a good cover. I have a copy of "Boneshaker", but I didn't read yet :)

Memory, it is interesting and it makes me wonder what it is hidden between the covers :)