Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cover art - "Winter's Heart" by Robert Jordan

Tor Books re-release of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series reached the ninth novel, “Winter’s Heart”, and the list of artists who designed the cover artwork of these re-releases is growing. As each cover is and will be made by a different artist, Scott M. Fischer, who illustrated “Winter’s Heart”, is the ninth illustrator joining this impressive line-up of artists. As all the covers of these ebook releases are character driven the artwork for “Winter’s Heart” is too, with Scott M. Fischer not at his first character focused cover, he designed many others that are centered on characters before. He did a solid job here as well and I especially like the balance he achieved between the red and blue colors. As always we can find more information and an in-depth look behind the process of creation of the cover on a article. This ebook edition of “Winter’s Heart” will be released on June 22nd.

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